This is the page we'd rather not have, but as we are only human, we occasionally make a mistake or have a cancellation. This is wonderful news for you because we offer these Doors at up to 80% off the rrp.

Stocks (thankfully!) are limited so be quick. If it's listed here it's still for sale. All prices include fitting.

Expensive mistake!

Cottage Diamond with Chrome hardware and Simplicity glass.

This door has no faults and was only replaced due to opening the wrong way.

Aubergine custom colour externally, white inside.

RRP £995.00

Size 900mm x 2100mm.

Can be made to fit other sizes.

Comes with cill and set of 3 keys.

£250 including fitting.

Man-cave or Shed bargain?

City Spire with chrome hardware and Abstract glass.

This door has no faults and was a cancelled order.

Black gloss woodgrain finish, white inside.

RRP £695.00

Size approx 1920mm x 900mm.

Can be made to fit other sizes.

Comes with 3 keys.

£200 fitted.

Just Gorgeous!

Monza Empire with chrome hardware and sandblast glass. This was fitted for a few weeks then changed at the customers request. No faults.

Black finish with white inside. 

Available with up to 2 full height side panels also in sandblast glass.

RRP £1280.00 alone or £1880.00 with both side panels. 

Size approx 2100mm x 900mm.

Up to 1800mm wide when fitted with both side panels.

£400 fitted with or without panels.

Up to 80% off rrp!

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