Apply now for Double Glazing grants of up to £10,000

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The Green Deal is the name of a Government initiative to encourage homeowners, tenants and landlords to make energy improvements to their properties, including:

  • replacing windows and doors

  • installing secondary glazing

  • using energy efficient lighting

  • insulating lofts or walls

  • adding draught proofing

  • upgrading heating

  • generating renewable energy from sources like wind or solar power

Homes are assessed by a registered and authorised assessor, like ourselves, who then make recommendations for energy-saving improvements.

Find out if you qualify for grant funding.

If you receive either INSERT BENEFIT or INSERT BENEFIT, then it is highly likely you will qualify for the New Green Deal scheme. Call us today to book an energy assessment, this is a free service, we will make a detailed energy efficiency survey of your property and make recommendations to improve the energy efficiency of your home, specifically on how to reduce your energy costs with a double glazing grant from the New Green Deal scheme.

We will handle the whole process from initial assessment, right through to installation so you can relax and get on with life.

Remember the New Green Deal is a completely free service with no fees.

Why wait? See if you qualify for the New Green Deal by calling us today, or click the contact us page and fill in the form, we'll be in touch soon.

Please note this scheme is only available to landlords and homeowners. Social housing is not included in this scheme.

What is the New Green Deal UK?

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, confirmed that homeowners will be able to apply from September for vouchers to cover at least two-thirds of the cost of energy efficiency improvements like double glazing, up to a maximum of £5000.

Low income households will be able to get the entire cost paid up to £10,000.

This is part of a £3bn scheme created by the Government in order to cut carbon emissions. The chancellor said the scheme will support 150,000 green jobs, make 650,000 homes more efficient by saving half a million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

The poor quality of Britain's housing stock is blamed for almost 20% of the UK's total emissions each year, hence the Government focus on energy saving products.

How much will new Windows cost with the grant?

Obviously if you qualify for full funding, then there is no cost, up to a value of £10,000.

 If you qualify for two-thirds funding then expect to pay around £1500-£2000 for your entire house to have new "A" rated energy efficient windows, fitted by an approved installer like us.

Contact us today to make an appointment, we can install your new Windows usually within 2 weeks of receiving your voucher so why wait?

Ask our representative about our Warm Core Composite Door range.

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