Its good to be square.

This is a bit of a follow on post from yesterdays "How to adjust a Composite Door Hinge"

As i said yesterday, if you need to adjust the hinges on your Composite Door then there is probably another issue which needs looking at.

We installed a new Composite door this morning in Durham, and all because the original (3 years old) door wasn't fitted squarely.

The householder had spent hours trying to adjust the hinges, finally gave up and called us for advice. Sadly the only solution was to install a costly replacement.

Why? Whoever installed the door hadn't fitted it square, or level.

After 3 years the plastic frame had adapted to its out-of-square position and couldn't be made good again.

The company who supplied and fitted the door had gone out of business leaving the customer with a nasty bill for replacement.

You can avoid the same fate by simply using us to supply and fit your new Door. Or you could use a national installer with crazy salesmen and huge prices.

Anyway, rant over, have a look at the new door we installed below, leave a comment if you love it or hate it.

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