New Green Deal for 2020

Heard of the New Green Deal yet? The Government have announced a 2 Billion pound scheme to improve homes in the UK with "Green Homes" grants. This scheme is for both homeowners and landlords and can pay up to 100% of the costs of new double glazing.

This scheme is perfect for homeowners on low or modest incomes.

The New Green Deal UK is set to be launched in September 2020 and is aimed at reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency in around 650,000 UK homes.

This great news for UK home owners and landlords who can benefit from the scheme.

Do you qualify? There is still no official qualification criteria available, but judging from previous energy subsidy programmes, the New Green Deal will be available to those in receipt of certain benefits. Which benefits provide access to the scheme is still to be announced. Watch this space for more as soon as we know!

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